We are truly proud of our customers and happy for the long-lasting relationship we have with each of them.
Case Studies

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

We changed the old core of the tax accounting and receivables handling of Estonian Tax and Customs Board by implementing concepts said to be unique in the world. The result is enablement of tomorrow’s Tax Administration: Borderless, Proactive, Efficient and Compliant. … Read more

Swedbank in Finland

Helping one of the largest Scandinavian banking group to establish corporate customers’ business in Finland by successful delivery of fully functional Banking System (core bank, loans module, and internet bank) in the shortest possible time-frame. Swedbank was able to launch it’s operations on Finnish market in 6 months time from the beginning of the project. … Read more


Icefire automated the whole revenue journaling process for Skype's global paid services business in real-time – facing enormous amount of simultaneous transactions and supporting different international accounting standards. … Read more