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Case Study

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

We changed the old core of the tax accounting and receivables handling of Estonian Tax and Customs Board by implementing concepts said to be unique in the world. The result is enablement of tomorrow’s Tax Administration: Borderless, Proactive, Efficient and Compliant.

The Challenge

Significant changes had taken place in legal and business environment of Estonia. At the same time, the requirements and the expectations about the level of the automation of the processes had arisen significantly. The management of Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) stated that there is urgent need to bring the public services, as well as whole reporting to the new level. In order to achieve this objective, the existing IT systems had to be significantly improved (i.e re-engineered or replaced). Icefire was chosen to carry out this complex and challenging task.

The Solution

Icefire made the major architectural shift: old core of the tax accounting and receivables handling was completely replaced with the new one and innovative changes to fundamental business processes were introduced (e.g. common taxpayer’s prepayment account for all tax types etc.).

The project manager Jüri Kirme illustrated the whole project as follows: “We had to take a Formula 1 car, make a much more powerful engine for it and replace it during a really, really short pit stop without letting the spectators know that anything has been really changed.”

One of the most complicated tasks of the project was carrying out data migration between the old and new system. Firstly, the amount of data to be migrated was huge. Secondly, the data that had to be there in order to take advantage of the new functionality, was simply missing and had to be derived using the complex algorithms during the actual migration process.

Business Benefits

  • Enablement of real-time financial reporting – a very significant improvement compared to the previous one-to-two month lag;
  • Automated Debt Management and Collections;
  • The processes, starting from submitting the tax declarations by Tax-payer on ETCB website all the way up to the forwarding accounting entries to the state accounting system and tax income distribution, were fully automated.


Finnish Quality Awards 2011 by Finnish president Tarja Halonen

In November 2011 Icefire received the award for developing services said to be unique in the world, such as the client based prepayment account available in the Estonian tax system which consolidates numerous taxes under one account.

Badge of Honour, rank II by Estonian Tax and Customs Board

In November 2011, Jüri Kirme, head of the project, was awarded for extraordinary dedication and fast and extremely high quality job on developing IT solutions essential for Estonian Tax and Customs Board, resulting in successful migration of more than 50 information systems to euro in time and without interruptions.