From business process analysis to application implementation

We offer complete set of services necessary for successful automation of customer's business processes. From business requirement definition to data migration to live system and post-implementation support, we smoothly cover the whole solution implementation cycle.
Our Services


Icefire’s team of experts are former business executives and senior ICT architects/developers. They provide complete analysis of every relevant aspect of a company's operations, covering both technical and business analysis. The goal of such analysis is to provide a complete picture of the status of a company both in the current time as well as projected into the future.

Our service offering covers different aspects of analysis including:

  • analysing your current processes, systems and data;
  • communicating with key stakeholders (e.g. management, employees, customers, suppliers) to determine future processes and system requirements;
  • identifying Key Success Factors and main risks;
  • modelling the business processes supported by future solution;
  • planning the project implementation and budgeting the total cost of of new solution.