From business process analysis to application implementation

We offer complete set of services necessary for successful automation of customer's business processes. From business requirement definition to data migration to live system and post-implementation support, we smoothly cover the whole solution implementation cycle.
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Integration for us is not just implementing proper technology for exchanging messages between systems. This is much more complex issue, which should be taken into account already in the early stage of the business process analysis.

The essence of the integration between different IT Systems is to automate the business processes in the most efficient way and ensure data integrity and actuality between different systems.

Selection of technology used for integration should (and will) always be driven by business requirements, rather than making technological choices just based on (sometimes subjective) superiority of the particular technology.

We are able to offer:

  • Ability and capability to provide integration solutions within the organization and its application as well as between other institutions to ensure smoothly running and optimized business processes;
  • Both semantic and technical integration;

  • Complex data migration and mapping scenarios;

  • Any platform, data format, configuration or timeliness (real-time, near real-time, batch).