We create smarter everydays.

Icefire designs, creates and builds life-tested answers to today’s challenges. From high-load backends to highly intelligent user interfaces for banks, fintechs and e-government, we lead the way.

What we do

Digital Transformation

We change mindsets, transform processes and bring your business to a new level with the help of technology. We make the most of modern technologies like blockchain, AI and machine learning, using them in places they create real value.

Critical Core Banking

We use the most modern technologies and architectural concepts, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-established bank or a fintech startup – we’ve got you covered. As proof of our long-term experience and extensive know-how we’re proud to have been nominated for the Best Tech Overhaul Project in the 2017 Banking Technology Awards.

Automation Know-How

Our knowledge of how to streamline and automate processes and handle data is unique. Our goal is simple: to allow people to concentrate on things machines are unable to do, since our systems take care of all the rest.

Integration-Ready Solutions

We know how to integrate new and existing solutions to create a seamless mix of old and new systems that work together to create new value in the most efficient way.

How we run

  • We put our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive BFS experience work for you
  • We get things done fast and concentrate on what matters
  • We coach you through organizational change, based on our broad knowledge base and interdisciplinary experience
  • We excel in cutting-edge technologies, from blockchain to machine learning and AI
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Machine learning

Who we work for

Established financial institutions
Businesses expanding into financial services
Fintech companies
Small and medium-sized credit institutions


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