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Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. We simplify and automate complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans.

Since 2002, we have been designing and building technological solutions, mainly for clients in the financial sector. This has led to a wealth of knowledge that goes far beyond technology. We're immersed in the evolution of financial services, as well as customer expectations and behaviors.

Icefire helped turn the Estonian Tax and Customs Board into one of the most modern and efficient tax authorities in the world. Another transformation project involved BigBank where we built a modern microservices-based system from scratch, replacing all legacy systems in just 16 months. In 2018 we created Modularbank. It's a module-based integration platform that contains everything a bank or credit institution needs for compliant day-to-day operations. See the Modularbank website for more.

Our story started in the 1990s when our future core team members helped build Hansabank, a wildly-successful, innovative, technologically-advanced bank that was later acquired by Swedbank. As familiar processes changed, we saw an opportunity to keep our mindset and principles alive as an independent company.

We have evolved a lot since then. But our original values remain ingredients in Icefire's magic sauce: innovation, lightweight processes, quick decisions, zero bureaucracy, and complete trust in our people.

Vilve Vene


Jan Lakspere


Rivo Uibo

Head of Business

Jüri Kirme

Head of e-Government

Ove Kreison

Head of R&D

Marje Korb

Head of Taxation and Customs

Erle Raudsepp

Head of New Initiatives

Marika Lomp

Head of Banking

Anete Jalakas

Head of Telecom

Martin Valler

Digital Transformation Lead

Kalli Kulla

UI/UX Team Lead

Aleksei Bljahhin

Head of Open Banking / PSD2

Sirli Spelman

Head of People Operations

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