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Marketing Project Manager

Tallinn, Estonia

We are looking for a marketing project manager! Are you ambitious, proactive and thinking out of the box? We offer you a possibility to create your own team and conquer all the digital mountains ahead — regardless of the difficulties. Level up!

We are looking for somebody with:
  • Growth hacking & data-driven mentality
  • Exceptional skills in lining up words in both Estonian and English (so that even Google Ads would be impressed)
  • Is Facebook your favorite book? And do you have more than 5 connections in LinkedIn?
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple processes and people without losing sight of priorities
  • Knowledge and skills to monitor and evaluate our social media presence and performance
Tasks on your table:
  • Employer branding
  • Internal & external communication and PR
  • Social media and sales support
  • Initiating the new website & visual identity
We promise you:
  • People-oriented environment - we consider ourselves a family and we want to keep it that way
  • A role that is versatile and exciting
  • Opportunities for growth within the role and developing skills in your area of work
  • Opportunity to lay down the foundation for your dream team
Interested? Yay!

Please send us your CV, cover letter and an example of your previous work.

Or, know someone who is a perfect fit? Let them know!

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