Service Design Training: Continuous Learning is Our Core Value

Taking on exciting challenges requires ongoing development and fulfilment. This is why one of Icefire’s core values is continuous learning. One of the company’s many benefits is to offer its employees a wide variety of training opportunities so that they can grow both personally and professionally.

In February and March, Icefire team was given the opportunity to attend a Service Design training led by the local design agency Rethink. Anyone in the company, regardless of their speciality, had the chance to receive an introduction to service design and to learn the principles of prototyping.

Due to the current national restrictions the weekly sessions were held online but did not lack in interest and commitment from the 45 participants. The training was highly popular among analysts which represented almost half of the attendees. Also developers and many other employees with diverse backgrounds joined – from Sales, QA Engineers, Marketing, Management and others.

“As more and more we are required to respond quickly in an effective way w/o writing long documents, I totally agree that a big part in the projects should be visualizing different solutions and Figma seems to be a tool for that,” said Ulvi.

Chart of participants by Fanny Martinez.
Chart of participants by Fanny Martinez.

UI-UX design tools

Jana Kukk, the Co-Founder & Business Designer at Rethink introduced to the participants the concept of service design. Additionally, she presented some of the methods used to create a customer profile and map the customer journey in order to design the most efficient and relevant user experience for the service.

The second part of the training which was led by Lars-Erik Hion, the Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink, was focused on the fundamentals of prototyping. Hion gave the participants an overview of the process by approaching each step from the white board and sketching phase to the outcome as a functional prototype. The Icefire team also received a crash course of the most popular UI-UX (User Interface and User Experience) design tool Figma from the basics of functionalities to some more advanced tips. Throughout the sessions Hion raised awareness among the trainees about the great added value brought by a prototype during the sales process and the advantage it can give the company during a tender.

“It was interesting and easy to follow training that sparked more interest in UX and Figma tool. It was fascinating how quickly the experienced designer was able to make simple mock-ups in Figma,” said analyst Triin. “I really enjoyed the training and simplicity of the used tool,” commented Ethel.

Wireframing by Fanny Martinez.
Wireframing by Fanny Martinez.

The training received very positive feedback from the participants. The collected feedback suggested that most of the trainees acquired new knowledge which they actually can and want to implement in order to improve their daily work.

The majority of the feedback also indicated a strong interest in participating in other training sessions in the future on a similar topic.

In addition to being enlightening and entertaining, these sessions were also a good opportunity to keep in touch with the colleagues and socialize as everyone works from home at the moment. We can say that it has been a successful training on different levels.

“In sales there are always two groups of decision-makers on the client side: IT department and business development, but both groups want to visualize the end result through user experience. The training was the perfect way to understand user experience starts from the sketch. Creating something new starts with a discussion with all different roles from the client team, starting with legal and ending with support,” said Urmas.

More trainings ahead

Another training has been held in parallel which focuses on user interface from the development perspective. As the Icefire culture is all about learning and developing, a new series of courses in several different domains is already in preparation for the months to come.

The influential author on management Peter Drucker once said, “Learning is a Lifelong Process”.

Keep learning, keep growing!

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