Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… @Icefire

It’s officially the end of summer and we are slowly facing reality — fall (and of course, the lovely Estonian winter) is coming. Summer is definitely a little slower at the office — it’s the best time to take a break, enjoy the long days, cold water of the Baltic sea and summer-ish weather.

To take some time off together team Icefire gathered at Õisu mõis for our annual Summer Party. The theme for the party was The Manor of Joys. At Õisu we were rather surprised by the welcome of somewhat indifferent but friendly vampires, who turned out to be kind hosts helping us to navigate through the day and night.

To start with, each guest had a chance to participate in different workshops such as wine tasting with wine connoisseur and manor culture activist Urmas Tuuleveski or practice simultaneous drinking and drawing (because according to our drawing mentors, beer and art might just save the planet!). We also got to design our own T-shirts and accessories with the help of designer Liisi Eesmaa and chat about health and training with personal trainer Mark Rohtaru. Our punk lovers had a chance to form a punk band for the night under supervision of Eerik Nõlvak and Indrek Spungin from the infamous Chungin and the Strap-on Faggots.

No proper Estonian summer party is complete without a sauna! This time the sauna was actually in an Audi and a caravan. Yes, it was crammed, but that did not stop most of the team from joining in!

Then, as our fingers and toes started to crinkle, it was time to head back to the manor and dance. The party started with 60´s/70´s hits from the Motown Project — an amazing band that apart from your regular singers-guitars-keyboard-drums combo also featured a trombone, a sax, a trumpet and conga drums. Yeah! 

For the true geeks inside most of us, we also had a LAN Party room with old school computer games

The dance floor was filled when the NO99 dance camp took the stage. If you´ve ever had the pleasure of attending one of their legendary parties in Tallinn — you know what we are talking about.

After the sweaty dance sessions — it was time to present to the world the one and only — ICEFIRE punk band.

Thank you Huntmees Film for making it happen. Until next year!

* * *

Written by: Epp-Maria Kivimaa
Photos by: Ruudu Rahumaru

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